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8:09 a.m. - 2005-09-12
oh iowa!
monday, september 12.

some notes on the weekend. so much to remember that I ended up writing fragments in a notebook as I sped up the ronald reagan memorial tollway last night.

I love iowa in the early fall. it feels like home. the colors are amazing; loden, wheat, honey brown, sharp orange: colors not replicated in CMYK. it's so refreshing to be out in the open country, let my mind unspool a little, and watch the fields run by.

car music is important, too. bob dylan mixing with the insect noises through my open windows at night. good raucous country as I drive eastbound on highway 30 on my way to the game saturday. passing wild sunflowers in the median strip, a shaggy pony in an overgrown pasture, a hawk hanging low over the scratchy brown corn fields. belle and sebastian Tigermilk on 1-35, weak sunday morning light, everything hazy, diffused, passing des moines suburbs and weaving through construction. gillian welch on the bridge over the mississippi on sunday, the afternoon sun hitting that sweet spot and everything turns extra golden. which is always beautiful but even moreso in the fall. some trees starting to ever so shyly turn yellow at the tips. a herd of black cattle grazing on a green hillside.

It was nice to stay at my parents, sleep alone in the bed that's been mine since third grade. Wake up and drink coffee and talk about everything with mom.

My day in Ames wasn't really what I expected it to be. By the time I actually got into town, my friends had been drinking for about six hours, and then I just ended up feeling like a herder and a stranger. I did have fun though, I actually never went tailgaiting in college so it was a new experience. We didn't even go to the game, and by four in the afternoon nearly everyone was passed out. I went to Mindy's and had low-key time. Which was nice after the tired sunburnt feeling of the rest of the day.

And something else: later in the night I was flipping channels on mindy and mike's absolutely humongous television, and came across a documentary about glass artist Dale Chihuly, Chihuly over Venice. It's about the collaboration between Chihuly and different glassblowing studios across Europe as he prepares for an installation of chandeliers in Venice. It was one of the most stunning and magical things I've ever seen, this gorgeous, playful art. Turns out I was pretty lucky, too. Apparently the DVD is so rare it sells on Amazon for nearly $500. It really was that spectacular though.

There is lots more to note (conversations with best friend, commentary on the beginnings of Fashion Week) but I need to not be late for work this morning though right now I feel like I could sit and type forever. Love to you all.

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