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7:09 p.m. - 2003-04-19
saturday. april 19. 9 PM

today I went back to ames for a quick visit, and I did not cry, not even once.

today was the exact same weather as the two days I spent in venice over a year ago. rainy, dark, misty, cold. every color is more grey, every mood is more moody. it felt good though, to be back in that easy familiarity. I forget how many stories I made in Ames, and being there they all come back and attach themselves to my brain.

mindy and max are my friends 4 ever. i got to wake max up this morning, and it was like summertime all over again.

tomorrow is easter, and I will be glad that this bizarre lent season is over. maybe warmth will actually settle in chicago. i never feel right about spring until after easter.

and maybe life will condense back into something normal. i haven't slept in the same place for more than two nights in a row for two weeks now. i feel like a drifter. and maybe work will start getting busier. in perhaps my most flagrant display of irresponsibility yet, I did not go to work on friday. i'm actually pretty sure nothing will ever come of it, but still. from time to time i still have these days where i couldn't pass as a responsible adult to save my life.

wednesday night i went to see jurassic 5 at the house of blues. it was super good.

i'm feeling scattered. i'll talk to you when i feel more together.


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