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11:14 a.m. - 2003-04-21
easter, power outages
monday. april 21. 12:15 PM

a string of catastrophic unluckiness results in our power still being off. As of yet I have not decided who is negligent: me, our landlord, the electric company. it's times like these that I remember how my dad says all of the problems in the world are caused by sin, which I do find to be essentially true. don't you think? if you're into that sort of thing.

but the cause for celebration is that last night Ryan discovered an outlet in the hallway of our apartment building, so now a chain of extension cords and surge protectors give us a precious few appliances. the appliances that have been deemed necessary so far: lamp, two powerbooks, my hair dryer. priorities!

when it is dark and quiet you have to think.

all in all I had a nice weekend. family fun: josiah and I sat around all day friday and watched TV, then went out after good friday services for ice cream. we listened to erlend oye in his truck, or rather, i forced him to listen to something other than pop-punk. (side note: I bought him the Pixies Doolittle for christmas, and this weekend he asked if I wanted it back. damn. but I told him to keep it and listen to it in two years and then maybe he'll come around.)

ransom killed me twice in checkers at bob's underground. i forgot my ID and they almost didn't let me in at the pub, but both amanda and troy totally vouched for me. oh, grinnell. we also went to hy-vee to buy mrs. mohan pringles and cauliflower, but sadly, she was not home when we delivered our makeshift easter basket.

and now, work.

in other news, okay: if you're going to leave cryptic messages in my guestbook, you might as well email me, I know who you are, Aaron Pierce! talk to me like a normal person, i want to hear about your wife and all that.

which also made me think: who else is lurking out there that I don't know about? say hi, okay?

the highest temperature predicted for the next week is 63. i should have stayed in california.

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