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8:11 a.m. - 2006-01-06
2006 goals
Friday, January 6.

Moving on into the new year . . . I've never been a big resolution maker, plus making goals at this time of the year is so arbitrary anyway. For a while I've been working in the vague direction of "show some art somewhere by my 26th birthday," and I think that's fine, but I should probably qualify it somehow.

Essentially, I just want more of everything in 2006 that I've been working towards for many years:

make more art,

have more adventures,

travel more,

make more new friends,

go on more field trips,

give more random little gifts,

bake more,

read more,

be more kind. . . .

just LIVE a lot more.

Life is too short to live any less. And I wish it didn't always take sad news or a new year for me to think about that.

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