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11:33 a.m. - 2003-09-26
stories nobody knows
friday, september 26.

i'm on a happiness streak with no end in sight. he's my own personal deus ex machina. how did I get so lucky?

last night we went to an Alumni of Iowa colleges event, basically it was about getting people to move back to Iowa. The governer spoke and there was a really cheesy movie about the Positive Qualities of Iowa Life. you know. And, you might have caught me on the 10 PM channel 13 news last night, I was interviewed by Patrick Dix about why I prefer it here to there. Mike was on, too, I'd say they chose us since we were the 2 hottest people in the room. plus I'll be in the Des Moines register tomorrow, I think.

and, if you are currently employed in Iowa, I need to thank you. Your hard-earned tax dollars did a good job of getting me boozed up last night. getting drunk on Iowa! so poetic and yet so trashy.

i could say a million things here, but I need to keep some things to myself, or to talking in person. though I will say that I feel like this multiplies all the other love in my life. lots of warm feelings all around.

seriously, this diary is going to get boring with me gushing all the time. hopefully you won't mind. i don't.

damn, I am head over heels.

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