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11:52 a.m. - 2003-09-25
iowa, i love you and miss you
thursday september 25.

can you feel this fall air?

in the summer everything is so hazy and unclear, the heat softens everything, it all feels so lax, desultory. then autumn busts in and sharpens everything, cutting new plans, crispness. I prefer this, I feel so much less scattered.

today I'm working on a layout about a prairie center in Iowa, and the images all perfectly capture the stark beauty of the plains. everyone else at work says, "they're so boring, so colorless," but those are my colors, wheaty oranges and thin limpid blue skies. its making me achingly homesick for I-80 and highway 30, for driving in the iowa autumn again, the earthy loveliness of things dying.

I'm happy again today. Joshsaid it: "The week is almost over and life is good. Friendship."

well put.

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