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3:13 p.m. - 2003-10-02
happy autumn talky fun
thursday! october 2!

i'm spilling all around today.

this morning the city like a carefully composed painting, sun shining behind the skyline and cumulous clouds sitting all along the curving horizon of the lake. i love my commute, it's a balm, my work buffer zone along lake shore drive.

the gideons were out today around the edges of the loyola campus. i love the gideons, all grampa-ed out in their overcoats and cabbie hats. and so kind. I walk into a warm cafe, the man behind the counter is friendly and quick, today the soup of the day is one of my favorites, and I read Joyce Carol Oates and feel like a real person. (sometimes at work I do not feel like a real person.)

And this morning I heard the news that one of my coworkers is pregnant. There are two women at my office that recently I've really been enjoying, I think because it's good to see what my life might be more like in the future. also because they are sassy. and now both of them are expecting, and it's really great. miracle of life!

man, I am really feeling like myself these days. I know this sounds strange, but aren't there days you just don't feel 100% You? I am Optimal Katie nowadays, my good and bad moods and everything I do and think just feels so Me. boo-yah to that.

along the same lines. last night I went to Target to stock up on Necessary Winter Accessories: knee high socks, gloves, extra gloves, scarf. when I showed my roommate my matching gloves and scarf, he said it was totally me, that "it looks like the designers came into your room and stole your color palette." hell yes! i have succesfully created a Design System for myself. I am a Recognizable Brand.

and even more boo-yahs:this weekend I am going to meet Mike's parents officially (this isn't the awesome part). I'm a little nervous about this, though he assures me that I shouldn't be, because they'll like me no matter what. even still, it's not something to be easy-going about. but the best part is, his mom suggested that we should meet at a Wine Tasting place. props to that: wine makes everything easier. I like his mom already.

talky talky. i am in a good mood today, the air is good, and my bosses are gone, and tonight Val and I are going out on the town to tear it up, girl-style. rock.

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