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7:19 a.m. - 2003-10-07
heart necklace
tuesday, october 7.

today is rambly and disconnected.

worst things first: my job is heading into uncharted levels of Suckage.

but I can't complain, I got in at 8 this morning and spent 45 minutes having girl talk with the other two women in my office. women friends! it's nourishment to me.

heading towards balance.

last night I put new sheets on the bed and cleaned up and did laundry and handwashed my handwashables. this always feels like an accomplishment for me, the handwashing. like any kind of hard honest work, a task defined and then conquered.

what would my life be like if I actually worked only 35 hours a week? I'd probably go comatose from happiness, I'm sure. things are really good, other than this desk space of mine. and I know I'm mostly just upsetting myself about it. the positive mental attitude is hard to acheive, though, once my spirit has been broken from working 60 hours a week.

i'm thinking of doing the national novel writing month thing. 50,000 words in one month, starting November 1. it seems pretentious, sure, but at least its a goal.

I'm going to see Sting in Grant Park tonight. I'm inexplicably excited about this.

the cubs are in the playoffs, it's indian summer, I'm in love and going to see Sting. Everything is right today.

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