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4:02 p.m. - 2003-12-17
christmas parade
wednesday, december 17.

it's a week now until christmas eve. unbelievable! the next week is jammed full of the tail end of shopping, visits, planning. i'm not stressed, most of those are fun things. but it's just full. and I'm looking forward to next week, driving by myself, reading on the couch at home.

this morning, while stopped at a long red light, I saw a tiny parade of a class of girls, first grade maybe, so small, each girl carrying a red poinsettia about half as big as she was. underneath their blue and green private school plaid skirts they wore boots and snow pants. I watched them troop up a set of stone steps into the school, one by one, with an older kind looking woman guiding them all along. it ranks high on the list of cute holiday kid things i've seen so far this winter.

work has been increasingly better. either that, or I've become better and it just improves everything. i'm thinking it's a little of both. i haven't stayed too late, working diligently but not maxing out my time. plus I've been realizing that the enjoyment of work has a lot more to do with people and environment than the actual work you do. revelation! or just common sense.

it's nearing the end of the day here and I'm revving my engines to go already. last night jake came over and we watched the tenacious D DVD, and then afterwards I talked to mike for way too long. so it was a late night, then a late morning, no shower, and i'm just feeling dirty and fidgety. tonight i'm trying to knock out some of the last christmas purchases: my dad, my bosses. i'm so close to done. i sound like an old woman talking about this. sorry.

but then ransom is coming to visit, and who knows what will happen? friendship all around. i'm feeling happy.

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