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1:38 p.m. - 2003-12-22
nice weekend, designy stuff
monday, december 22.

it's been forever since I've written, tons of stuff happened, but those are lost days now. I'll only recap a little: there was some friendship. and it was good.

also, there's something I'm concerned about. thursday we had our office christmas party lunch, where we were encouraged to eat, drink, and be merry. did you notice that second thing? drink. so we filled up on pitchers of sangria. back at the office in the afternoon, I was assigned a new project, something different from what I normally do. when my boss looked at my thursday afternoon work on friday morning, she seemed fairly impressed. i'm pretty proud of my work too.

and now "since I did such a good job on that last thing" I was assigned another new project today. and it's not going very well. my concern is: am I a better designer after drinking numerous glasses of sangria? is that where my good ideas came from? my professors in college used to tell me I needed to loosen up.

maybe I'm being irrational, it is Monday, and I'm still warming up. I guess we'll see.

yesterday was superb. i woke up early enough to make breakfast and go to church. afterwards I took the train to H&M to blow my christmas bonus (i wanted to use it for something special rather than just absorbing it into my normal cash outflow.) i find shopping by myself to be relaxing, and it was a nice day out, christmassy city stuff going on, lots of people carrying huge sacks of loot. when I was on the train back I saw a sort of nerdy, awkward looking guy with thick glasses all absorbed in a book. i looked to see the title, and saw that it was "The Idiots Guide to Being a Groom." it made me really happy, yay, love! even for the most nerdy of us.

I headed out to Mike's house in the evening. We seem to end up spending most sunday nights together, watching the simpsons at his house and making dinner or ordering out. This week was a repeat, and we remembered that it was one we'd watched together. and I said, "oh honey, we've been together so long the simpsons are showing reruns." it was a very romantic moment, of course.

i have to get back to work. i'm making a graphic about the sharecropping cycle. wooo!

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