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5:13 p.m. - 2004-01-08
other peoples emails.
thursday january 8.

all day long at work today I've been listening to this american life. being able to download every show is opening up a whole new world of workday entertainment.

on top of that, I read an entire book in the last 24 hours. The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I bought it at lunch yesterday, finished it at lunch today. I keep hearing about it, and gave it a chance. i tore through it, obviously, it was a quick read. I thorougly enjoyed it though, despite its book clubby-ness. I'll recommend it, but mostly to girls. It's a definite girl book.

So because of these two things I'm feeling sort of word-bloated right now. The flourescent lights in my office are getting to me and I have weird coffee-stomach. Looking forward to the dim lights of the Blue LIne tonight. it's wine drinking time for val and I.

good excerpts from emails I've received recently:

erin: "I have spent a lot of time today looking at websites for office supplies. This is the prettiest website ever for an office supply lover, didn't they do a

good job." then she forgot to actually include the website address.

shane: "I donít fantasize about success; I fantasize about living in renting an apartment in Mississippi for a year and working ten hours a week at a book shop. "

my dad: "Hey, the big news is I get to go to jail today. I've been trying to get

into jail since December 15th. Finally I get to get in. Woohoo!" [side note: my dad, who is a pastor, in case you didn't know, visits a guy in jail. it's a constant dad-joke to talk about "going to jail." ]

yay for thursday. that's all I have today.

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