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7:15 a.m. - 2006-06-08
links because I'm not very interesting
thursday June 8.

yeah, the blog's kind of abandoned for now. I feel a little blogged out. sorry friends. but I hate leaving blank spaces here, or the same old thing I wrote a month ago. so here's some links to sites i read everyday, or just plain love:

the sartorialist, new york street fashion.

flickr's "wardrobe remix" group, general street fashion.

youtube videos of The State: watch the clips that make me laugh so hysterically my husband has to come into our office to make sure I'm okay.

rosylittlethings typepad. cutest of the cute stuff on the internet.

Pam Garrison's blog. Love her style, the use of vintage wallpaper. I really admire her work.

Corey Moortgat's blog. Another collage artist I love.

also, good novels I've read recently. every year when June rolls around I start reading nonstop, I think I have Stewart Library's summer reading program to thank for that one.

Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler's Wife
Ali Smith, Hotel World
Ali Smith, The Accidental
Nicole Krauss, Man Walks into a Room

so that's all for now. more later maybe, when I actually feel like I have something to say.

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