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4:59 p.m. - 2005-04-18
bachelorette party weekend
monday, april 18.

Soooo. My friendship shower/bachelorette party was this weekend. It was fun. I wore tasteless headgear. And yelled things at strangers, one of my most favorite pastimes.

Also, the shower was supposed to be a wine shower, and my guy friends bought me every variety of hobo wine they could find at the liquor store. Uhhh, thanks guys. Now Mike's wine cabinet shelves are filled with Night Train and Wild Irish Rose. it's great.

So it was an excellent weekend, except for when I dropped my chicken wings on the ground in the grossest alley in Iowa City. Oh yeah, and when I had a flat tire. But then a hotel bellhop changed it for me. Awesome.

But those were really the only minorly bad things. I saw all my best friends in the world. My friends are great. I ate a gyro at 2 AM. I bought a pair of 10$ high heel sandals that miraculously don't hurt my feet at all.

I also somehow have a huge weird itchy rash/cluster of bug bites on my back that I hope doesn't get any worse. Not real sure what that's all about. I'm so itchy today I can hardly concentrate. As if I can ever really concentrate.

It's so nice out, and yes, there are leaves on the trees now. Thank you springtime.

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