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4:36 p.m. - 2005-04-26
all I have today: birthday, hats
tuesday, april 26.

mentally checked out for a while.

Today I'm spacing off thinking of how to wear my hair on my wedding day, and what I'm doing for my birthday this year. the big 2 5. I need to have a party. and you're all invited. no seriously, come to my birthday party. I will tell you when it is. And we'll wear pointy hats. yeah.

You know what's good? Fontinella cheese.

You know what's not good? It being 45 degrees out all the time. I'm effing freezing, and it's nearly May. Every morning I try to get dressed, and it makes me sad because my wealth of t shirts is going to waste. To waste I say!!! I'm also thinking of breaking my own personal "no shorts rule" because I tried some on at Old Navy (pinstriped bermuda shorts) and they actually look good.

that's all I got today.

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