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9:30 p.m. - 2005-08-04
wine, house, camille paglia
thursday august 4.

i've started like five entries today and never finished any of them. so, it's time for list form:

1. today we bid back and forth on the house Mike and I like. apparently the seller of the house is convinced his place is worth about 20 grand more than any other house on the block. so tonight we put in a final offer. which makes me think:

is that your final offer??

Which I know is an incorrect quotation from a stupid game show, but whatever.

2. I sort of really want this house. but it only has one bathroom. is this bad? I think it's just the fact that there's a fireplace, and a large kitchen, and a dining room that makes me want it so bad.

2a. I have noticed that I base my entire liking of a house on two items that I lust over but do not currently own:

the Kitchenaid Mixer, color: ice

The Tucker Buffet from Pottery Barn

I will fully admit that I seriously do base my like/dislike of a house over these two things. Like I walk into a house and think, "where will I put the kitchenaid mixer?" and "where will I put the buffet?" If the answer is "nowhere" I immediately do not like the house. I am seriously not joking about this.

2b Husband, if you're reading this, I feel bad. But I am pretty sure you already know this is how I feel about these nonexistent posessions.

3. Anyway enough with the house talk! If you agree that art in America is pretty much junk these days, I recommend reading this interview with Camille Paglia, from The Morning News. If you read it, I guarantee it will give you so much to think about that you want to lay down in a cool place with the lights off for a while.

and I quote:

"But also it’s up to the teachers to provide the counterbalance of art and that’s what American education is failing to do. There is a kind of humanitarian do-gooder mentality abroad in the public schools these days, which is like, “We all get along. Here’s our quota. We are going to read the poem by the African American, the poem by the Native American. The poem by the Chicano.” Like that. There is no more quality. So we are not giving the kids anything to sustain them. Heaven forbid there should be anything about religion or sex. The far right keeps the sexual out—nudes from the history of painting. And the left keeps anything from religion out. The things that are the most substantive are not there."

as someone that works in the educational textbook industry I can wholeheartedly agree with this.

4. This is all I have for right now. I'm going to go downstairs and drink some wine. Even though, if you've read between the lines of this entry, it should be obvious I do not need anymore wine.

5. Fin

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