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3:35 p.m. - 2005-08-09
White Sox Game, Hangover, House
Tuesday, August 9.

Things I have done in the past five days:

-went to a White Sox game with Mike's workplace, sat in the skyboxes. I proceeded to watch What Not To Wear on the skybox's big screen TV from the 3rd to 9th inning. I'm a huge tool, I know it.

Also, it was Elvis night. There were skydiving Elvises!

-called in to one of those stupid wacky radio shows. I was in my car, give me a break. They were talking about how guys punch each other in the crotch for no reason. And since I am an experienced *female* junk-puncher, I felt the need to share my story. And I did, on air. Yes, it's true, my guy friends punch each other in the junk, and I take part in the action, too.

-had what might be the laziest Sunday of all time. Movies Watched: The Day After Tomorrow (preposterous but entertaining), Zoolander, and Tommy Boy (two of my personal favorites). I also drank a Vitamin Water flavor named after 50 Cent. It tasted like watered down grape juice.

-had a second job interview, it went pretty well. I think. still no news though. Patience, patience.

-and oh yeah, bought a house.

So we bought the totally-awesome-but-only-one-bathroom house. It will be fine, according to my husband. I think so too. And maybe someday we will build a little art studio in the backyard, like a glorified shed for me to make big messes in. That would be sweet.

The house is nice. But it makes me nervous because it pretty much ties my life to one geographical area for the next many years. Not that that's a bad thing, just, you know. . . .different. This might be something I expound on at some point.

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