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5:02 p.m. - 2006-08-18
four good things, bike riding weather
friday, august 18.

friday afternoon, feeling tired and happy. it's kind of a grey day today and I don't mind. the weather has been perfect for bike riding this week.

I was on a high for so many days after this weekend, my mind just racing. it's slowing down now though, i don't think I could keep up that frantic pace. which is okay.

so some good things lately:

1. going to visit my very pregnant friend renae this weekend.
2. thinking about and looking forward to fall. just a little bit.
3. there are ripe mangos in the kitchen just waiting to be made into an experimental cobbler.
4. feeling hopeful. i went through a spectrum the past few days, feeling super happy then feeling lonely. and now a good hopefulness is back, I'm going to work on un-isolating myself here.

that's all. just a little update.

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