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12:13 a.m. - 2005-08-26
august happiness
thursday, august 25.

an absolutely MANIC day today. . .

(insert a hundred thousand exclamation points)

first of all. an inbox full of friendship, seriously! friendship in the email inbox all day long. love it.

also: lunch beer. goose island 312. to celebrate the end of my days here at work. what is it about noontime alcohol that just feels so different and dreamy?

cleaning out my desk at work. it feels good. my normal overpowering nostalgia is nowhere in this change of career. and that's refreshing.

AND the greatest thing of all time. I found out today, from a twice forwarded email, that one of my favorite friends from college is getting married in three weeks. the kicker? he's been living in Germany, is getting married to a girl from Russia, and they're having the wedding in Iowa. in three weeks!! can't WAIT for this. it's almost better to hear about these things right before they happen, because the happiness of this is just bowling me over.

I seriously got so excited when I heard about this that now I feel physically exhausted. holy crap.

i am in awe of and in love with the world right now.

late night addendum:
something nice about the suburbs: it's 11:30 and intensely quiet. I love it; I feel like the only person awake for miles.

in my new job, work starst at 9 AM, and I really won't need to wake up until 8:30: like a glorious senior year schedule all over again. but what it really means is that this time of the night I'll get all to myself: the town, the dark, the stillness. just me and the crickets and the hum of my computer, quiet songs, sleeping noises from my husband and pugdog.

I'm still really happy.

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