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10:16 p.m. - 2005-08-30
new jobservations, and three years ago
tuesday, august 30.

well, the first day is done. I have some new jobservations:

-I have gotten WAY too used to dicking around for about 5 hours a day. the new place seems to have some kind of a "billable hours" system, wherein I have to record what I'm doing at different times of the day. For some reason there doesn't seem to be a category devoted to Stereogum, Indiebride, Friendster, or Zappos. Damn.

-The tenor of my life is really changing. The future is now full of possibilities such as: crockpot meals, a cleaner house, suburban ennui. I'm planning on kicking that last one square in the ass. Things which will remain in the past include: daily observations of the color of Lake Michigan, daily enforced music listening for at least two hours. Those things I will miss.

oh, Lake Michigan. I will miss you and your big blue ceaselessness. And the magical Lake Shore Drive.

-my coworkers are nice, if fairly unassuming so far. Meeting new people in an office setting is really weird. Maybe some day I'll take them all out for margaritas and then we'll really get to know each other.

-one thing which I will complain ever so slightly about. there is radio playing all day. and let's just say three words. Radio. Smooth Jazz. okay, I'll say two more words: Kenny G. dude. not cool.

Headphones are "not allowed" at my new workplace, which I think in the long run is okay/good.* Though they do permit bringing in CDs for everyone to listen to. Oh man, I hope my new coworkers like Spoon and Sufjan Stevens. I kind of doubt it though. I'm still going to give it the old college try.

*Overall, a lot of things at my new workplace are good because they will teach me Discipline which I do not excel at naturally.

There is one thing though. This change does not make my life a neverending glorious joyride of happiness.

Let it be known that I do not believe in the magic bullet. My new job IS good. I just have a hard time adjusting to change. and I hardly believe that changing one external thing/situation means adding an extra level of self-actualization to one's life.


-last but not least: living two minutes from my job OWNS. so there's that.

an addendum: three years ago right now I was starting my last job and starting out my new chicago life. read what I wrote back then. so much different and so much the same. wow.

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