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8:12 a.m. - 2005-12-02
dream, work problems
friday, december 2.


For some reason, Mike and I arrived in a town having no idea what city or state we were in. It was dusty, hot, and sort of busted-looking at first, and I guessed we were in Missouri. It was confirmed later by two friendly young woman, who told us that we were in Joa, Missouri; though just now googlemaps has informed me that Joa, Missouri does not exist in the real world.

The longer we were in the town the better it got, bit by bit. Less and less dirty, more and more charming.

I love when my dreams provide things for me I can't find during my waking hours: we went to a garage sale that was on the tiny porch of a cute old house, and everything for sale was like my dream of what should be in an antique shop. The most adorable plates, an old bike, lamps, piles of books full of good pictures to cut up and use in collages...

Later we were on a crowded bus through town, passing shady streets with these massive gorgeous homes which were a cross between the Prairie and Georgian styles; like what Frank Lloyd Wright would have built had he lived in New England in the 1700s. We passed one that was covered in amazing frescoes, all over the front and into the porches. So lovely.

When I woke up I was perfectly warm under a pile of blankets, and I had a song in my head; but it was a Van Morrison song sung in the voice of Bob Dylan.

So it was a nice way to start the day. Yesterday was loooong and a lot of my problems at work came into the light and I sort of was reprimanded, which I hate but probably deserved. And I'm guessing today is not going to be much better; I have to clean up some messes I've made out of things. I wish I could hide under headphones today, retreat. But it's good for me to learn, and face my problems in an adult way.

Onwards and upwards.

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