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5:46 p.m. - 2005-12-08
links, design school, etc
thursday, december 8.

It's a relaxing day at work (the bosses are out) and the snow is falling prettily outside, already three inches in the last hour or so. Cozy wintertime feeling.

Today I'm daydreaming about how sweet it would be to go back to school in a few years and study graphic design again. (I think this daydream is mostly inspired by this flickr photoset of a typography class at RISD. via tiny showcase.)

the most cruel thing about looking back at my first few years of college is how little I knew, and how little I cared about my work. . . . and how much I could have learned and cared. Now I would come at it with a lot more passion, interest, and resources than I had back then. I still feel like one of my main issues with school was that I didn't know anything practical: where to get high res images, where to find interesting clip art, how to scrounge through secondhand shops and garage sales for bits and pieces to use in projects.

A lot of that is just maturing as a person though; living in different places and meeting new people and all those things you can't cram into one semester of ART 108 or ARTGR 270.

Back then I had all the time in the world and no idea what to do with it, now I have ideas constantly and no time to acheive them. Or maybe I do have the time; I'm just not using it wisely. Yeah. . . . that's pretty much the case.


since I haven't written in soooooo long, I have about a million things to link to. Too bad that I forgot about half of them already. Oh well.

-I think this drawing blog, Fifty Foot Girl is abandoned now, but all the archives are a-ma-zing. I wish I could draw like this.

-Leslie Harpold's Advent Calendar is a favorite of mine every year at Christmastime.

-DUDE Project Runway back in full effect!!! Last night this guy Andrae made one of the most dramatic exits I've ever seen in my life. . .I couldn't have choreographed it any better. Mike and I watched it three times in a row (Tivo), and then proceeded to exit every room in Andrae fashion for the rest of the night.

-if you've ever wondered what it would look like if I tried to eat 7 Saltine crackers in one minute, well. . . . wonder no more! My friends decided to do the The Saltine Challenge one night over the Thanksgiving break. (FYI, you have to watch the video with the audio on, otherwise the humor is all for naught.) Clearly I fail, but I guess it's funny to watch nonetheless. And seriously, you haven't had drymouth until you've attempted the Saltine Challenge; I felt like I swallowed a sand dune. Fun times all around though. I guess this is the kind of stuff that happens when you're back in your hometown, sitting around your friends parents kitchen drinking beers.

That's all for now. I really need to start updating more instead of just dumping twenty paragraphs into a single entry.

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