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2:57 p.m. - 2004-12-17
adorable christmas bear
friday december 17.

in lieu of any real content, here's an adorable picture of a polar bear eating gingerbread cookies.


this weekend is Christmas Shopping Extravaganza. I've only bought a gift for ONE person so far, uhhh, unless I count myself. Sooo I expect to be spending a few too many hours at Oak Brook Center this weekend. Chicago, I love you, but the suburbs have cheaper sales tax. Plus I just plain love outdoor malls.

Also on the queue this weekend is. . . bridesmaid dress shopping. WOOt! I'm actually excited for this. I am in desperate need right now of actually crossing things off the wedding planning list.

Hm. It was kind of a crap week, on and off, and I was grumpy today, but writing this has seriously improved my mood. Or it could be the chocolate covered pretzel I just ate.

weekend ho!

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