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2:15 p.m. - 2004-12-20
work rant and shopping
monday, december 20.

all morning i felt extremely refreshed, chipper even. but it's sooo cold in my office I had to give in and rock the (safety no-no) under desk space heater. Now I'm so toasty it's like the dreaded "allergy pill followed by a margarita" feeling: Ultimate Drowsiness.

also in the continuing saga of Holy Crap I Need a New Job, it turns out I received LESS time off in 2004 than I did in 2003. Does that make sense to anyone? Apparently, the longer I work here, the less they appreciate me. and we're not talking weeks here, people, we're talking about days and half-days that get nit-picked over. for cripes sake, my total vacation time for next year is 7 days. 7! that includes sick days! I'm going to go cry now.

/end work rant.

I did about 95% of my Christmas shopping this weekend. It was festive and checking account reducingly-fun. I went to a mall on Saturday afternoon and the mall traffic was relentless. I was feeling zen-ish though, and didn't honk or even get upset. I was handsomly rewarded by parking karma and found a spot super close to an entrance. eat that, jerks!

rarrr though. i'm still bummed about the vacation thing. I really hope 2005 is the year of me sticking it to the man.

Update! I made a stink about the vacation time and received one glorious extra day! At least i'm not a pushover about this stuff anymore.

Update 2! I almost forgot. we found a bridesmaid dress this weekend. it's so cute and girly, I'm going to wish I had one, too.

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