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8:40 p.m. - 2002-08-28
i'm still smiling
wednesday. august 28. 8:40 PM

two interviews today.

the first, for an administrative assistant position, involved two people telling me, "we just want you to know the truth, this position is a lot of photocopying." and I felt like one of the partners hit on me.

the second, for a design firm. which, by the way, has the coolest office ever: to enter the building, you have to buzz through a set of art nouveau iron gates, and walk down a little garden. the inside is fairly small, but it's all wood floors with a spiral staircase to the loft up top; toys and posters everywhere. I actually really really enjoyed showing and talking about my portfolio, but man. . . i never understand people's reactions. the owner/head designer really liked my work, called one of my logos beautiful, yet seemed very cautious when talking about the actual job. the firm does work for elementary school textbooks, which is just a very different design sensibility than the design I've been doing lately.

I leave interviews with such mixed feelings. Also, i've noticed that overall, interviewers don't ask many questions, they mostly just tell me about the job or the workplace. I try to talk positively about myself, but how can i when I'm not even given time to talk?

. . . . but anway. neither place gave me an offer on the spot, both said they'd let me know by mid-next week. so I continue The Great Search.

I bought some Nutella today. mmm.

and, just so you know: two months ago right now Joe and I were trying to sneak into the 4-H dance at the student union. when our plans were foiled, we went and shared pitchers at welch avenue station and sat there and talked until they kicked us out. he stood in line with me as I waited for my gyro, which I half ate and half spilled everywhere, including on his black converse sneakers, as he walked me home. and after that night, the rest just fell into place.

two months. two months which, frankly, would have been very sucky if not for him. so in spite of being poor and jobless, I'm still smiling.

friendship and puppies to everyone. love katie

ooh PS! today i had a really good idea for what I'm going to do once I have a real job and a better apartment. I'm going to have a party and only buy rapper booze, like courvosier and chrystalle. then we'll listen to nelly and snoop dogg and drink like rappers.

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