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2:05 a.m. - 2002-09-06
real world giving me a kick in the pants.
friday. september 6. 2:05 AM

long day, but all happy.

actual design work at work today. and I'm starting to feel like I'm in the swing of things as far as co-workers go and all that biz-nazz.

two of the guys I work with talk all hip-hop and stuff so pretty soon I bet I'm going to be adding Z's to every word I say. hellz yeah!

After work i checked out two apartments, one of which is near pure sweetness. It's in Edison Park, a far northwest chicago neighborhood. I'd live on a fairly busy street with restaurants and stores (the apartment is above a mexican restaurant & bar.) The bedrooms are small but the living room is large enough for couchy stuff and desky stuff. and it's all boo-yah and whatnot. so now I just need to find a roommate for sure.

then I hung out with Joe and it was funtimes. to the max! we went to the mall and I finally purchased Bob Dylan albums (all my copies are burned) and I got the Pixies Surfer Rosa because I'm about ten years behind the times. what-evah. THEN in a moment of pure last-minute genius, we got to the movie theatre five minutes before the movie we wanted to see started. It took five minutes to get an overpriced hot dog and a bucket of popcorn, then we were happily viewing the twenty minutes of commercials before One Hour Photo finally came on. man, Robin Williams is getting old. I really liked the movie, it was super creepy but in a non-violent kind of saddish way. I give it a B, maybe B+, and I'm pretty harsh on movie judgements so you dont' have to take my word for it. then we drove forever to steak n shake and I gave the waiter a huge tip because anyone who works in a place like steak n shake in the middle of the night deserves a huge tip.

I am so wired and it's after 2 AM. Now that I'm a big girl I have to get up tomorrow morning no matter what. I'm discovering graphic design work is not like graphic design studio. ah, the good old days of coming in half an hour late, doing the crossword, and leaving. The real world is really giving me a kick in the pants.

sleep! and then work! and then the weekend!


PS. for pete's sake ransom, you're running up my sitemeter. every day I think i have new readers, but it's just about ten times. anway, friendship!

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