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1:00 a.m. - 2002-08-31
pour toi, parce que je t'aime
saturday, august 31. 1 AM

it's true, I do only have Intense Friendship. with me, there is no middle ground. either I am fiercely loyal or fairly neutral.

I was losing faith before, but maybe it will come back in tiny bits. like a letter sent sentence by sentence through the mail, one piece of information at a time. the anticipation is hard but the outcome tells a story more magnificent than anything in a book.

this year! from august 31 2001 to august 31 2002 I have exploded and expanded and shot up like a sunflower from a tiny seed to a huge yellow flower. and everyone has helped me: you are my air and my water and my sunlight.

if I am an empty canvas you are my paint and my brushes and my muse. I can't become anything without you, all the people sending out candy-heart prayers and sparkly purple thoughts. and I do the same for you, you know. i want to spin webs of love and friendship to everyone I know across the earth, to bring everyone together. . .

spacing out. late night tonight, long day tomorrow. wake with beautiful sunshine and transparent happy dreams, my dears.

love love.

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