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2:30 p.m. - 2004-12-29
2004 year in review
Wednesday, December 29.

Last night Mike and I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, followed by the episode of the Family Guy that features a spoof of Willy Wonka, when Peter wins a ticket to the Pawtucket Patriot brewery. I highly recommend viewing those two in that combination, it was incredibly enjoyable.

also, best rhyme ever?
"make your every joke a jewel
you'll drive drunker than. . . Oksana Baiul"
you make the call!

down to business!! the year in review. I did this same thing last year, partially ripped off from this slatch entry. I miss the old slatch.

24 great things about my 24th year: music things, friendship things, love things.

1 Meeting Erlend Øye. when Mike wants to make fun of me, he will still say "maybe I wrote it about you" in a really terrible cobbled-together european accent.

2 Visits with Erin: Indianapolis, Chicago, Iowa City.

3 Picking up the watercolors again, if only a teensy bit. steps in the right direction. I'm almost finished with my small art journal. it would be appropriate to start a new one for this new year.

4 Not gaining or losing any weight. It's the first time in my post-high school life that I can say that. I'm attributing a large part of it to my "miracle breakfast": large coffee, two pieces of wheat bread with peanut butter. I wish I could market this, it would be bigger than atkins, I swear.

5 A little rescued puppy coming into our lives: Ditka dog! my little DD, little puggy princess, little poochie poo. yeah, she can be annoying and sounds like she's dying half the time, but she's my little girl.

6 Skipping out of work ("um, I need to leave early today to. . . get my car fixed") to go to the second Cubs game of the season.

7 Calming down a bit, or rather, not spending too many saturdays hung-over. this could be good or bad, but I know now that I'm putting it in the good category. I've felt lamer this year, but healthier.

8 Visiting the Garfield Conservatory and the Art Institute on Valentine's Day.

9 Rome guys weekend: getting thrown out of a bar, Dude and his hijinx, the holy mess that was made of our apartment (two garbage bags full of empty bottles.)

10 Rome girls weekend. wine for dinner, cookies for breakfast. so much good talking.

11 Ransom and Zeb crashing my best friend's bachelorette party. and subsequently. . .

12 . . . the two times this summer I broke into a pool in the middle of the night.

13 Loving my new neighborhood, despite the fact that I'll only live there for about 8 months. And that most of those months are "hibernation" months for me. Can't wait for May. . .

14 Discovering the glory of hot wings. though I have yet to accomplish a "wing bender," watch out 2005!

15 My niece coming into this world.

16 going to see The Innocence Mission at Schubas by myself. finally discovering a band that has somehow set to music the ideal world in my head.

17 Joanna Newsom

18 Neil Young playing the entirety of Greendale at the Rosemont Theatre. During the 16 minute guitar solo of Cinnamon Girl in the encore, I started yelling "stop rocking so hard!!!" I did have fun even though he didn't play any of my wussy Neil Young favorites.

19 Joining a book club, and being pushed to read more. also, finishing Infinite Jest ranks high on my list of accomplishments for the year.

20 iPod for my birthday!

21 Also on my birthday: Mike's chinese food picnic on the top of a hill in a forrest preserve in Wheaton, taking the day off to get my hair cut and dyed,

22 Late summer afternoon in Burlington, Iowa, my best friend's little brother giving three girls a tour of his hometown, stopping to look out over river vistas.

23 my best friend's beautiful wedding. . .

24 . . . and getting engaged the very next day. Best day of the past year by far! I'm ready to be a married woman, and ready to have the most loving husband for the rest of my life.

end of list, end of schmoopiness.

2004 was good but quiet overall. I have a feeling 2005 will not be. Big plans, big moves, big changes. I can't wait.

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