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4:35 p.m. - 2005-02-03
mopey. then not!
thursday, february 3.

"and when I'm blue, I tell bacon my troubles: I'm a little mopey today, bacon."

so I was a little mopey today. then I watched the state's bacon skit (fyi, the link takes you to a repository of state skits, search "bacon" and you'll find it.)

and my fiance emailed me funny jokes.

and the surprise of these kind words here. thank you. yes to playlists and cioccolato caldo.

and it's getting better. up up up.

I'm kind of obsessed with In The Aeroplane Over the Sea right now. I've always liked it, but now I hardcore crave it all the time. I love how the tension builds up and breaks, builds up and breaks. By the end I feel like I've completed an indie rock workout and I swear my body feels different.

I went for a walk by the lake at lunch and there was a United plane flying low to the ground (so low I could make out the logo). and I thought how lovely the shoreline must look to the passengers from up in the sky. the clumpy frozen snow extending out and then melting into the dark blue winter lake. the only snow in the city that's untouched by city grime, still that wonderful pure snow color.

I forgot what it was I had to complain about. Now isn't that the best thing I've thought all day?

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