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3:33 p.m. - 2005-02-04
birds and ships. and my hair and tiredness
friday february 4.

it's kind of warm in the office and I had some apple cider after lunch. now i'm in a little cubicle coma. so sleepy my fingers aren't moving well; zoning out on pantone colors. If I was in college I would take the afternoon off for a nap.

happy things though: my roommate joey put up some pretty blue curtains in our house. and bought some green kitchen chairs! and I finally vacuumed my old rug. so we have a cute apartment now, you should come over and see it.

I'm feeling fresh and springlike in the 40 degree weather. i curled my hair this morning. I think I'm over the straight-iron look. kind of like how I'm not big on wearing black anymore. I took all my white sweaters to the dry cleaners this week and promptly felt like i had nothing to wear.

i'm so unfocused. time to drink some coke and listen to "get me away from here, I'm dying" and try to get a little work done in the next two hours.

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