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9:34 a.m. - 2006-02-07
refreshing inspiration
monday, february 6.

had such a nice, cozy, inspiring weekend.

Saturday I went thrifting at my favorite Salvation Army and came away with a few good things: an unbelievable handmade grey wool circle skirt for $2, huge green faux leather weekend bag for 90 cents (90 cents!!! though my husband says, "yeah, it looks like it's worth about 90 cents"; I love it though), and the cutest vintage green polka dot tie-neck blouse. . . I swear, someone with the best collection of size 12 vintage shirts must have either cleaned out their closet or died recently. . . . It was like the stuff of my dreams: at least a dozen, if not more, tie-neck blouses, ruffle front blouses, tuxedo style pintucked front shirts, amazing patterned blouses. .. and lot of it probably 20 years old, still with tags and never worn. And I swear they looked like they were straight from the spring/summer 06 runways. Sadly though, not too many that fit me, though I did love the one enough to buy it and take it to the tailor.

Sunday morning the preacher quoted Neil Young, so I finally feel like I've found a church I can stick with for a while.

and then Sunday afternoon I went to see Brokeback Mountain, finally. . . . I really can't stop thinking about it, which rarely happens to me with movies. Apart from being fascinated with the main relationship, there are just certain little things stuck in my head: the character Alma Jr, the music, the animals . . . I can't even reallly put my finger on it. I really enjoyed it, and would love to see it in the theatre again (also another thing that rarely happens.)

On top of all that I also had a pleasant trip to the library, nice husband time, and a perfect girls movie and wine-drinking night. So I'm feeling energized. Busy mind, lots of ideas. It's refreshing.

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