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4:11 p.m. - 2005-02-17
what a day!
thursday, february 17.

I know I can't complain about my life when the biggest trial I'm facing right now is trying to acquire tickets to a sold-out concert.

emails of the day.

Jake wrote:
>Did either of you buy tickets to the
>KoC show at the Double Door? Because
>they're sold out now. I bought mine; I
>hope I'm not going to be a lame
>jerk going to the show by myself.

Katie wrote:
>yeah, I'm bummed, I didn't make it. i
>put something on craigslist, and I
> might go to the show and see if
>anyone's selling at the door beforehand.
> your brother got his though, so you
>won't be going by yourself.
> kt

Jake wrote:
>Well, it's like the song says: "Failure
>is always the best way to learn,
>so buy your ticket from a scalper at an
>inflated price."

Joe wrote:
>I bought mine, but Katie sat around all
>day sucking on her bong and watching
>the Two Towers DVD extras and missed
>the boat! Oh! Burn!

that last thing is completely untrue.

what a day!!!

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