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9:30 p.m. - 2005-02-21
erlend oye redeems my terrible day
monday, february 21.

checks and balances.

today I had one of the top 10 worst work days of my life. nearly quit, shaking with anger; spent my lunch hour applying to work at Nordstrom. I know I kind of exaggerate, but it was BAD. i just feel like working for these people has drained me of self-confidence. it's not a good place to be.

but! This afternoon i got an email from my friendly roommate that the Kings of Convenience had scheduled a new show for tonight. So after the worst work day ever, i was soothed by one of the best concerts ever.

It was short but charming. I've seen them before, but that venue was bad and for some reason I wasn't feelin it. But since this show was basically held because another was sold out, everyone there really wanted to be there. It was probably one of the quietest shows I've ever been to, in terms of no excessive drunken audience talk. Even Eirik said, "you all look very sober". I appreciate that.

They both played the piano. Erlend danced. Once they got into a little spat (speaking in Norwegian) between songs. funny. We all sang and clapped along. I got the last pink tour t-shirt, it was my size exactly. So my terrible day was redeemed.

In other news, the most notable thing I did this weekend was watch Project Runway for nearly 6 hours straight. Also it seems like Mike and I are making a (bad) habit of watching Cheaters every Saturday night. Whoo boy!! The excitement! It will be good when the sun shines again; i really start scraping the TV barrel when it's wintertime and I don't feel like doing anything.

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