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4:58 p.m. - 2005-02-23
heinous paper cut, vacation, puppy
wednesday february 23.

Now here's something I can really appreciate. Some guy did an experiment wherein he only listened to one song for the duration of a car trip. That car trip was from Iowa City to Chicago. Can you imagine? Let's watch.

I'm in sore need of a mini-vacation. Or a full blown vacation, really. I haven't been exploring or seen new things for sooo long, I kind of feel like my imagination is shriveling. really what I need is to take a day off to sleep in, get a manicure, look at some art, go to a new coffee shop.

I also need a break from work because I keep giving myself these truly heinous paper cuts. Have you ever gotten a paper cut from a file folder? Let me tell you, it blows.

adorable/hilarious photo-researching find of the day:

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