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9:51 a.m. - 2003-09-24
happy and more happy
wednesday, september 24.

last night I got to leave work at 5:30 and I felt like I was skipping school. real life! I went shopping and was still at home before 7. I made dinner and couldn't stop dancing in the kitchen, my stupid dance that doesn't even require music. just me.

ryan had said he was starting to feel like a bachelor, with me being gone all the time. but we had good roommate time last night, watching Guerro De Los Sexos on Telemundo, talking about the photo he'd just framed, joking around. I took a bath, read further into Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and talked with Mike for a while. In the other room the itunes played the newest Wilco EP, Joni Mitchell, Visions of Johanna. Everything so right and good, having an evening to myself. like real people have! free time!

Around 11 I started doing dishes, and asked Ryan to tell me stories about what it was like when he and JoAnn started dating. what he felt like, what they did, how it went. I like these kind of stories. he stammers a lot, we smile.

the stories that are the world we live in, the stories we each inhabit, and the memories of everything. it all feels dreamy and perfect.

I'm in a super good mood today, as opposed to yesterday's terrible mood. I overslept this morning, which I think ends up for the best, 8 and a half hours I haven't had for a long long time.

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