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11:55 a.m. - 2005-04-06
il papa, rome dreams, springtime
wednesday march 6.

I feel like I've banned blogging until the trees come to leave. It's warmed up, the grass turned green last Thursday, and now I'm just waiting on the trees. I know some morning I'll wake up and it will look like the whole world has changed. I'm just not sure why it's so important to me this spring. I've been really focused on it.

I can't wait until the magnolias come in bloom. Man, think of how pretty it would be to be married under a bower of magnolias. . . We'll probably be a little late for that, though.

The wedding plans are coming along okay, even though my emotions seem to run hot and cold about it. I'm excited for the actual day, not excited about the tasks involved. I'm not a good long-term planner, it seems. I mean, can't I just show up in my pretty dress and have a good time with my friends and family? For the most part, I will. I'm not going nuts on any over-planning, that's for sure. 53 days before I'm married. Holy cow. Can that be right?

I have to admit, though. . . I've already created a gmail account for my new last name. I'm looking forward to married life. If only to have all of my stuff in the same place. I can't wait until the day when all my art supplies are at Mike's house, and I can fruit around while he watches a baseball game.

This warm weather makes everything a little looser, slack. Mike planted literally hundreds of flowers in his front yard this weekend. The neighborhood kids came by and we all sat around and played with the dog and watched Mike work in the yard. I'm excited for this summer when everything blooms and we can sit in the front yard in the late sunset hot weather.

Last Friday and Saturday I had a few crying jags over the Pope. Not being Catholic, I was surprised at how much it affected me. In dissecting the feeling, I'm pretty sure it was just wishing I was in Rome. All those TV new shots taken down Via della Conciliazione! There's an excellent essay from The Morning News about the whole ordeal that really touched me.

speaking of Rome, last night I had a dream that I took an ocean liner across the Atlantic and went back there to live. I dream this every once in a while, and I'm always struck by how it never feels as right as the first time I was there. And the entire city is always very messy, cluttered, in my dreams. Hm.

it's taken me three days to write this in a sticky note, so maybe I'll just finish up here.

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