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9:32 p.m. - 2005-01-05
snow, chantico, registry
wednesday, january 5.

I like when it snows. I don't like when my car gets stuck in a two foot snow drift. But I do like when two manly Polish guys come over to assess the situation and deftly get my car out the drift. Woowoo!

Lots of things!

So I've seen two billboards now for a new Starbucks drink called Chantico. If that doesn't sound like some girly-flavored malt liquor, I don't know what does.

But, from what I've seen in the ads, this stuff is exactly like the Italian version of hot chocolate, cioccolato caldo. Those italians aren't kidding around! It's like drinking a melted godiva bar. The best one I ever had was in a train station bar in Parma. I've had a lot of good chocolate, but that was seriously the best chocolate thing I've ever had. I'm interested to taste Starbucks' try on it.

I really promise to not make this into a wedding blog. but. . I'm currently doing research for our wedding registry. Making lists, assessing what we have and don't have, dreaming about kitchen-aid mixers. the red one is probably a safe bet, but I'm on such a green kick right now, I need to share this with you. . .

the color is called "lemongrass"

At first I thought we didn't need anything, and I was sort of conflicted about registering. But I had a good talk with my mom last night about the real purpose of people bestowing wedding gifts, and it made me feel better, i.e., not greedy.

I'm excited to get nice sheets for Mike's bed instead of the ratty gross ones he sleeps on right now. It would be great to have casserole dishes and a roasting pan, instead of making roast potatoes in a cake pan all the time. Also, serving dishes!! Think of the possibilities. . .

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