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5:16 p.m. - 2005-01-10
french bulldogs, weekend happiness
monday, january 10.

I'm currently loving the French Bulldog breed. So chic! Maybe someday we'll live on a farm and I can get lots of doggies to run around with me. beagles and pugs and french bulldogs. There's something about multiple dogs of different breeds that's funny to me. At Halloween we could dress them up like the Village People. Looks like I've discovered my new life goal!

Yeah, that's what I'm wanting right now: a sunny home on an acreage in the country, backyard tea parties, running around with puppies, laundry hanging on an old fashioned line.

It's the unholy trinity of months now: January February March. The temperatures are plunging this weekend and it looks as if we'll get freezing rain soon. Which means the already frozen layers of snow will refreeze on top, the ground like a bumpy layer cake: slush snow ice, repeat.

During the weekends I kind of weave my own little cocoon of happiness, which mostly involves Mike's couch, wedding plans, and friendship. The work week is a trying transition.

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