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4:20 p.m. - 2005-01-14
bad dream, shoes, yoga, tapir
friday january 14.

today has been an unsettling day.

I set my alarm too early, pressed snooze for an hour. I learned the hard way, a long time ago, that my snooze stops working after an hour. it happened again this morning. waking up at 8:57 is not good. also not good is the bizarre dream ending which shook me out of sleep: my dog jumping and falling over a second floor balcony: "kirby, nooo!" Then I was awake. Bad way to start the day.

then I couldn't get into my car. frozen shut. I finally got the back passenger side door open and crawled through to the front. then it wouldn't start. oh, winter.

but things are looking up:

these shoes I've been daydreaming about and occasionally visiting at Nordstrom for about three months are on sale. 60% off. i do get paid today. . . . what do you think, the black or the plum?

I had yoga class last night and my muscles aren't giving me hell today. I'll tell you a secret, though, internet: i have never been able to touch my toes. EVER. In high school PE I had the worst "sit and reach" number in the entire class. So I honestly think yoga might help me in that aspect.

I'm working on something fun today. i won't bore you with details, but here is a picture of a tapir:

happy weekending!

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