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10:29 a.m. - 2005-01-18
girly stuff, days getting longer
tuesday, january 18.

Good things:

+ my ultra-girly saturday afternoon: getting my makeup done at the Stila counter, upgrading my red Target purse to a new red Nine West purse, trying on $400 shoes (just trying, not buying!). Ultimately I ended up with these $40 DSW gems:

+ an all-around good weekend. sunday mike and I drove up to visit his parents and had a really great conversation. his car is where we do our best conversing, always have. we talked about marketing in the music industry, among other things.

+ a friend asked me this morning if I would coordinate the music for her birthday party. road gig! so I'm stoked and have spent lots of the day downloading music that fits her request: "something cocktail-ish, but not too cocktail-ish if that makes sense." i'm fairly certain the playlist will feature Erlend Oye in his many musical incarnations.

+ watching the days getting longer. i need this really bad.

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