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3:21 p.m. - 2005-01-24
snow driving, wedding
monday, january 24.

adventures on I-80!

our weekend. hmmm, the long and short of it. i could write about three sentences, or three pages, but I'm feeling somewhere in between.

when Mike and I left the western suburbs around 6 AM saturday morning, there was lots of snow but overall the weather wasn't bad. on our merry way!

less than two hours later it wasn't looking good. by the time we got to Iowa you could barely see 10 feet in front of your car and we were well on our way to missing all our wedding appointments, the sole reason we were going back to my hometown in the first place.

then we came within 6 inches of getting hit by a semi. twice. within a span of 45 minutes. NOT FUN. if Mike's car wasn't so reliable I would be writing this entry from a hospital bed. or worse.

the moral of the story is: if the weather reporters say "white out conditions" you'd better believe it.

and also: it's nice to know people all over the state. after we escaped death the second time, I realized we were about 5 miles from the hometown of one of my closest girlfriends, who was home for the weekend. Talk about good fortune! So Mike, the pug, and I passed a pleasant hour getting warm and de-stressing at my friend's home with her very hospitable family.

After that, the weekend was great. We still made it to our bakery and florist appointments (postponed them about 6 hours) and I'm more excited now for our wedding than I have been since we first got engaged. I'd tell you our ideas, but I think I'm keeping things secret until the big day. I will say, our wedding favors are going to be kickass.

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