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9:23 p.m. - 2006-01-24
work, fine hosiery
tuesday, january 24.

okay, yeah, I've neglected the internerd.

here's a little round up of what's going on in katie-land:
-we sold our condo. did I tell you that yet internet? it finally is out of our hands on February 15. hallelujah. I envision life after selling the condo as me frolicking in a sunny field, shopping bags in both hands, and money raining from the sky. well, something like that anyway.

-i am really busy at work. it stinks kind of. I also have somehow become sort of busy outside of work, but for me "sort of busy" outside of work means I have plans and projects three or four nights a week, tops. An overacheiver I am not.

-my page for the vintage valentine book is finished, but as I've mentioned before, I live in the suburbs where Kinkos is only open til 9. . . . so my 40 color copies aren't made. It's been nice to see it all come together too. And a good excercise for me to make some collage for a purpose, not just for me.

That's pretty much it. except for one thing.

Okay: I have been looking ALL OVER since the beginning of fall for one item of clothing: a pair of medium thickness textured white or cream tights. Nothing I've seen so far suffices. And then I remembered the MOST awesome hosiery store I've ever been to, the italian chain Calzedonia. So I looked 'em up, and while unfortunately they have no online shop, or stores in America, I got to see all this:

That's some fine hosiery.

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