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1:27 p.m. - 2005-01-28
fashion on a sloooow friday
friday january 28.

I hope in the future we all get to dress like this:

Safeclothes by Rebecca Turbow.

sometimes I think my interest in fashion perplexes people. a while ago I told someone if I could go back to college I'd double major in Fashion Merchandising and Italian and go on fabulous purchasing trips to Milan four times a year. they looked kind of dumbstruck.

So yeah, recently I've found myself becoming more and more interested in fashion, like Fashion with a capital F, not just cute outfits from Old Navy. It's really intimidating and complicated. Though I do wonder if I feel that way since I was raised with about Zero fashion sense. I'm trying to work toward it. I spend lots of time on, looking through collections, analyzing the outfits, it's almost like decoding: what's that all about?

I know it's kind of baloney, and sounds stupid coming from a plain midwestern girl, but I DO find it to be a kind of art form. (See images above!) I love people-watching because I enjoy seeing different people's personal styles; it's a hundred times more inspiring than runway models.

You remember how, when you were younger, you and your friends had huge plans to start a business and have a coffee shop / restaurant / art gallery / music venue? Don't tell me you didn't think about those things! and I'll admit, I still do. This morning I had the bright idea to someday open a boutique called Summer Loveschool (named after my favorite college nickname).

I feel like I've said too much. I'm vulnerable about this because I can still feel really self-conscious some days.

Anyway, this is kind of oltremare content you get when it's Friday and half the staff is out of the office and have barely anything to do.

in case you couldn't tell, I like the girliest stuff ever. they're pink, and the have bows!!

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