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4:54 p.m. - 2005-01-04
new year, new wedding look
tuesday, january 4.


Back from the break. I'll also admit to all of you that I went in to work yesterday morning despite the fact that everyone at work had the day off. I must be a robot, I can't be deprogrammed to NOT go to work on a Monday morning.

All in all it was a glorious five days. Saw my best friend and her husband, had a good bacon and egg sandwich, bought a cute shirt. A tribe of friendship descended on Friday, which was good because I was starting to feel a little too thoughtful / melancholy for such a festive holiday. New Years Eve was fun but kind of a disjointed night, we went to two distinctly different parties. I drank a bunch of champagne straight from the bottle. Then apparently I got really hungry and ate some stranger's pizza leftovers.

New Years Day 5 of us sat around all day talking like seventh graders and watching the Iowa Game on tv. Best New Years Day Ever!

The rest of the weekend was much-appreciated schmoopy time. Sunday afternoon Mike and I went to a river walk and hung out with the ducks for a while, made dinner together, watched Garden State. Perfect Sunday.

No big revelations about a year changing over.

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