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1:56 p.m. - 2002-08-29
exclamation points everywhere!
thursday. august 29. 1:56 PM

word up dawgs!

This is Officially the End of crying, moaning, bitching, complaining, and general malaise.

I am Gainfully Employed by Brainworks Studios! doing design work! for a children's book publishing firm!


it feels like a dream. I randomly called employers on monday, got a positive response from one, dropped off my resume on tuesday, got called wednesday morning, had an interview wednesday afternoon, and boo-yah! bagged it this morning. the office is super-sweet, the place does all the concepting, writing, and editing of the books, and they pay isn't half-bad either.

hugs hugs hugs. and as soon as I get my first paycheck, you're all invited to my rapper booze party.

o the difference a day makes. this morning I found my tax refund check while going through old papers, so I have $65 dollars of fun money for this weekend. later I was still feeling kind of mopey so I washed the dishes and listened to the Rome Mix, a CD of stuff we listened to last fall semester, like tenacious d and saturday night live skits and The Best Song Ever Made, St. Elmos Fire. So I was laughing and singing, and I thought I heard my phone ring. When I picked it up and checked the messages, there was the job offer.

and I now formally apologize for any times in the past few months when I was whiny, moody, mean, or grumpy.

okay enough of this! more celebrating now!


love, a very relieved katie

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