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1:59 p.m. - 2005-07-21
the balance is off
Thursday July 21.

so yesterday I got to work from home. Can I get a BOO YAH?!

it was a little hard to get started, but once I was in working mode, it went fairly well. I feel like I got a taste of the freelance life, and now I'm wondering about how to procure a larger portion of that taste. if you know what I mean.

schedule of the day:
8:30-3. work. leisurely, but getting a lot done. breaks to let the dog out, get more coffee, put sheets in the wash, etc.
3-4:30: errands. dry cleaning, groceries, art store (gel medium)
4:30-6: do laundry. bake cobbler. listen to records.

Normally all I would get done in this time period is sit in my car for three hours, and then sit in a cubible for another 7 hours. So yeah, a pretty good day.

Something I've been thinking about though. A lot of my life has improved over the past six months. Getting married, feeling more creative, generally growing up in certain ways. . . still though, I feel like something is missing. And I think it's because the balance is off. . . I've got the love and the personal growth thing going strong, but career and social life are suffering. (not exactly suffering, but not prospering I guess). And for me, those are the hardest two to remedy.

Also I'm thinking about switching to typepad. I wish more of my entries showed up on the same page.

That's all.

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