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9:33 p.m. - 2005-07-25
iowa, projects, lists
monday july 25.

Mike and I went to Iowa this weekend and the weekend went so fast. like a short dream in between stops at the Iowa 80 truck stop.

Even though it was seriously a hundred degrees all weekend, I didn't mind. Saturday afternoon we all sat in the new theatre watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I'm still having mixed feelings about it: good but not great. And afterwards walking my niece through the tractors in the lot next to Dari Barn while my cookie dough cyclone melted in about two minutes. Discovered that Saints Rest makes the BEST iced latte I have EVER tasted, no hyperbole. And saw Mrs. Mohan. A Grinneltastic weekend.

Oh, except for the fact that my dog pulled a muscle or broke a bone or did something bad, and subsequently spent the rest of the weekened prancing around on three legs, the fourth carried gingerly, inches above the ground. Sadness. Poor Kirbee. She really is the prettiest dog ever. and she's at the vet today.


My lists keep growing. Books to read, art projects to make, things to get done this week. Wedding thank you notes. Buy an old dictionary to cut up, buy some rubber stamps shaped like birds. New shoes. New pages in the portfolio. Onwards, upwards. Getting my life in order.

As in, i really want to post photos of my current art projects, but my camera's USB cord is buried in a box of random things somewhere. It's been two months since I've moved and I'm still dealing with this. So much for life organization.

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