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7:21 p.m. - 2005-07-28
collage fashion and interview
thursday, july 28.

so the interview today. went well. Extremely. But can't talk much, musn't jinx.

A few things I'm loving right now:

Ana Ventura's Scrap Paper Dolls.This is a contribution to a beautiful scrap paper project.I can't wait until the whole thing is done to see other artist's interpretation of the projects.

Collage art by One Good Bumblebee. Really fun, imaginative collage.

other inspirations: why am I all of the sudden really into the color combination of blue and brown? hmm. . . I should change my diary layout. but. it's not just any blue or brown though. specifically like teal and burnt sienna, chocolate pudding brown, intense royal blue. kinda like this:

from the burberry prorsum fall collection.

anyway. that's enough pictures for today.

now I'm going to go eat totino's pizza rolls, my favorite form of comfort food. so necessary post interview. then once my husband gets home he's taking me out for a drink somewhere.

everything's comin' up Katie!

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