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8:52 p.m. - 2005-06-13
after the wedding honeymoon
monday, june 13.

soooo. . . I got married. whee!

it rained in the morning but then stopped, my bridesmaids are the best people in the whole word, iowa is so pretty in the spring, I love all of my friends and family so much, and my little brother did a dance to YMCA that was unbelievably hysterical. all so so good.

so that's the short run down. there might be pictures later. right now, it's hot in illinois, my new house is cluttered with the mixed objects of two people plus the assload of gifts we got (seriously: for fun I stacked up all the boxes of servingware we received and it was taller than me; I'm not complaining though because I'm kind of obsessed with serveware), and I'm still recovering from the honeymoon.

honeymoon in california. Best. Ever. California was the best ever: San Francisco, Monterey, Sonoma/Napa, and lovely gorgeous out of this world Mendocino. More soon, and pictures, from the more than dozen rolls we shot in a dozen days.

I'm not sure the whole marriage thing has seeped through the into depths of my brain. Maybe it never will. I'm not sure. I cooked a wifely dinner tonight and spent much of the day cleaning/organizing a closet. Yeah, but then I drank half a bottle of wine. So I'm still the Katie everyone knows and loves. Nothing to worry about!

I'm happy.

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