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3:02 p.m. - 2005-06-20
june 20. feeling blank.
monday june 20.

how funny is it to be married, and I have a new name and new town and new house, and yet I'm still sitting here in my cubicle feeling the same way as always?

I want to start changing a lot of things. particularly: the 3.5-4 hours of commute per day. you know it's bad when you hear the same NPR stories 2 or more times. . . .

but there are good things too.

Yesterday we went to Michigan for Fathers day. drank wine in the sun in the afternoon. and we walked on the beach and I learned how to skip rocks. Now I am a rock skipping MACHINE; a minimum of 3-4 skips on each throw. It was reassuring to know that I actually can pick up new skills. I've been down about that recently. trying to pick myself up again.

On the way back stopping in Indiana, the "world's largest store" of fireworks. It was nuts. Everyone gets the same little-kid-excitement look on their face when they walk in. Also it turns out I like the girliest fireworks ever, fireworks in the shapes of helicopters and lots of things claiming to have "sparkling showers" or anything with "glitter" in the name.

oh yeah, another good thing. I don't think I ever told you this, internet: I got a new computer! a G5 iMac. it is lovely, clean and white.

Goals for the next month:
1. sew myself an apron.
2. new job.
3. shoe shopping.

A mix of high and low goals is good I think.

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