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1:10 p.m. - 2005-06-27
nice weekend, batman, June-ish
monday, june 26.

so I'm back to feeling like katie again. there were two weeks there where I wasn't sure. just adjusting to the moving and the hotness and the driving every day.

it turns out all I needed was to sit on the floor cutting paper and drawing and pasting things into a large blank book. yesterday Come on Feel the Illinoise came in the mail so that's on the stereo, too. my husband is downstairs on the couch taking the Longest Nap of All Time. and now I'm downloading big-time chick music (new discovery: Sarah Harmer) and looking at art online.

I'm trying to get inspired. Robert Rauschenburg, Kurt Schwitters, and more contemporary collage artists. vintage necklaces and sewing patterns. and I'm kicking myself because i've been meaning to go to a flea market sometime, and the weekend's gone already. too soon.

today we had the inaugural run of the deep fryer we received for the wedding: chicken wings.

I feel weird about being so absent here (the oltremare). I don't know; sometimes I just feel sort of blank and confused. But now life is coming back to me in good ways. The good quietness of today really helped.

monday morning addendum: we saw Batman Begins last night and it's one hundred per cent kickass. It also scared the holy hell out of me. But I get scared easily, so no big surprise. Something interesting though: the movie was filmed in Chicago, and one of the chase type scenes takes place in Lower Wacker Drive, which is part of my commute every day. Surreal. Strange to think of the Batmobile tearing shit up in a place where I'm normally half awake, drinking coffee and listening to wuss music.

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